Ashmore makes his arrival at the Brighthelm Centre (photo: The Head Drop)

Ashmore makes his arrival at the Brighthelm Centre (photo: The Head Drop)


The talented but self-assured athlete Ashmore made his long-awaited RIPTIDE debut at 2019's Deep Six, in a hard-hitting war with ‘the Black Swan’, Cara Noir.

The 'Hipstar', who represents the 'Craft Beating Company', picked up an upset victory, but in doing so proved himself to be worthy of the hype that he had built prior to his arrival in Brighton.

Ashmore proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with, when he ejected the beloved Chris Brookes from the 2019 RIPTIDE Rumble. An embittered Ashmore took his frustrations out on both Connor Mills and The O.J.M.O after being eliminated himself, delivering his devastating ‘HackKnees’ backbreaker to both stars.

This led to a singles encounter between Mills and Ashmore at Point Break 2019, with Ashmore again picking up the victory. The O.J.M.O saved his friend Mills from Ashmore’s brutal post-match attack.

At Bank Holiday Wrestling, Ashmore continued his impressive run of victories with a win over Mills, O.J.M.O and Paul Robinson.

Who will be the one to break the ‘Hipstar’s winning streak?

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