Aussie Open

Chuck Mambo captures the Brighton Championship  (photo: The Head Drop)

Chuck Mambo captures the Brighton Championship (photo: The Head Drop)


Aussie Open biography

‘The Aussie Open Challenge’ is one of the most exciting segments in RIPTIDE, with the tandem of Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis taking on all-comers with barely any notice.

Fletcher, known as ‘the Aussie Arrow’, having recently arrived in the country, competed at the very first RIPTIDE show ‘Beers, Bands, Wrestling’ under a mask as InstaGraham, the hipster luchadore. But as hype begun to spread about his excellent chemistry with fellow Australian ‘Dunkzilla’ Mark Davis, the duo made their tag team debut at The Storm 2017 against the surprise coalition of ‘Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne and Chris Brookes.

After a solid year of tag victories against some of the best teams the industry had to offer, the Aussie Open Challenge was finally conquered by WALTER and Timothy Thatcher, better known as Ringkampf. This match is widely regarded as one of the greatest matches in RIPTIDE history. Despite this loss, the Aussie Open Challenge remains a hugely popular attraction.

Both members of the Aussie Open showed great promise in singles actions as part of the Brighton Championship Tournament, but nefarious tactics cost Davis his first round match with Damon Moser, whilst Fletcher came up short in a Match of the Year candidate with Jordan Devlin.

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